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Give Thanks for Little Soles!

The holidays are upon us! What a joyous time of year! We have so much to be thankful for… our homes, friends, family, and the special little ones we are blessed to have in our lives. They provide us with laughter, lots of love, and many cherished memories. Take some time this holiday season to do something extra special for your little ones.

Our calendars are full of special holiday parties and events this time of year… for the office, church, or celebrations with family. Why not surprise your special little ones with a fun spa party just for them? They will have a private party where they will enjoy food, drinks and celebrate their special occasion. They can also have spa treatments and enjoy the “do it yourself body product bar.” They deserve to be pampered, too!

 Give us a call at 580-622-8128 to discuss your Little Soles party! They will be so excited!!